Our Programs

We are beginning to build impactful programs in Canada and have a well-established program in The Gambia with Starfish International. Our programs are designed to empower, enrich and inspire girls to live to their full potential while serving humanity.


Start A School Starfish CLub

A Starfish Club at your school is a great way to learn more about gender equity issues in Canada and The Gambia. Our clubs identify issues and create service projects to deepen their understanding and improve our world. 

STarfish International Programs and Projects

The work of Starfish International is effective, inspiring, impactful and global in perspective all designed around their core values of Nobility, Independence, Courtesy, Knowledge, and Service.

Here are just a few highlights:

  • the girls have established their own micro businesses
  • created the first lending library in the country
  • provide community health education and raise awareness of women's health and violence against women
  • programs that include boys in partnership towards gender equality
  • development of leadership, self-confidence, academic and service skills
  • explore and learn about global issues related to the environment, globalization and gender issues
  • required to spend hours a week after school in service and learning 


Volunteer opportunities

Volunteering is a wonderful way for you to get to know our organization here in Canada and our partner in The Gambia. Our approach is to design a learning experience that allows you to share your passion with our girls while they share their love of learning, service and knowledge with you. Volunteer opportunities range from cultural exchanges to helping us arrange our annual dinner or speaker series!