We promote inter-development: Mutually exchanging, sharing and serving girls in Canada and The Gambia



We identify and engage gender equity issues through collaborative service between Canadian and Gambian girls to uplift the communities in which we live, while strengthening our global community.


Our Mission

Through collaborative sharing between Gambian and Canadian girls, gender equity issues are identified and examined through a lens of service. Utilizing an Action, Reflection, Consultation and Study model, activities are focussed around a service project. We want our girls to serve others and believe through service the true nature of our character and issues are brought to a new level of understanding.

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10 Reasons Why Investing In Women And Girls Is So Vital


1. Fight Extreme Poverty

2. Keep girls in school

 3. Universal Access to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

 4. End Teen Pregnancy

 5. Stop preventable maternal deaths

 6. Eradicate child marriage

 7. Equal Employment Opportunities

 8. Food security

9. Combat gender-based violence

10. End Female Genital Mutilation



January 2018

"Starfish Canada has begun the exciting process of becoming a fully registered Canadian Charity - wish us luck!"




Get Involved

We are a new Canadian organization but our Gambian partner, Starfish International, has an inspiring and incredibly impactful organization, program and most importantly, young women creating change, building businesses, developing leadership and serving their communities.


Start A School Starfish CLub

A Starfish Club at your school is a great way to learn more about gender equity issues in Canada and The Gambia. Our clubs identify issues and create service projects to deepen their understanding and improve our world. 


Volunteer opportunities

Volunteering is a wonderful way for you to get to know our organization here in Canada and our partner in The Gambia. Our approach is to design a learning experience that allows you to share your passion with our girls while they share their love of learning, service and knowledge with you. Volunteer opportunities range from cultural exchanges to helping us arrange our annual dinner or speaker series!

Make a Donation

We are passionate about what we do! If you share our vision for changing our global communities through gender equity and the power of service, we invite you to seriously consider  investing with us with a donation.