Who We Are


It all started when…

Mam-Yassin Sarr of The Gambia and Jeff Chant of Nova Scotia met during an international peer heath education program that involved high school youth from Nova Scotia and The Gambia. Twenty years later they reunited in The Gambia where Jeff began to learn about the wonderful work of Starfish International. Three years later, his partner Holly, two daughters, and their close friends, Mike and Cathy Cox along with their two boys, travelled to The Gambia where the youth engaged in an environmental project. While visiting Starfish and meeting the girls, they could see the immediate value, necessity and impact of their work and the benefits Canadian girls could receive.

Now they are all working to exchange ideas, learnings and service in both countries. For too long, global development has been often understood as the western world serving the developed world. We know we all have much to learn - from each other - and the power that comes when global issues are addressed mutually. 

We invite you to join us in supporting our Gambian friends and developing Canadian girls.